Aesop’s illustrated fables

Aesop's illustrated

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Aesop has been an Ancient Greek poet who is well known for being the father of European fables. And the american bookshop Barnes & Noble managed to publish a beautiful version of Aesop’s illustrated fables in their leather-bound classics collection. And when we have been to America last year, I had to take the chance and get some of those classics out of first hand. Even though the German bookshop Thalia has an arrangement with Barnes & Noble is it kinda different to get it out of the original store. Lucky me, that I thought of what while packing my bags!

I could not resist picking this one because of the beautiful cover and because those beautiful fables are illustrated with gorgeous pictures matching the stories perfectly.
Fables are, for everyone who does not know, short stories with mythological background.
The protagonists often are no human beings, but plants, animals or even gods which embody human flaws like jealousy, stupidity, envy and greed (but those are only examples).

One of my favorite fables of this book is “The Peacock’s Complaint”.
This one is about a peacock who talked about his insecurities to the goddess Juno. He was unhappy because the Nightingale has a way better voice than he does. The goddess Juno got angry at hime, because he did not worship the gifts he was given, like his beauty and his size. He, just like every other bird has his very own gifts and if he did not start to worship the ones he was given, he would lose them.

I am a big fan of the moral at the end of each and every story and this ones is “Contentment should be the source of every joy.”.

So especially this version is a wonderful gift idea for everyone. Wether it is for children, for families, book lovers or yourself. It is beautiful to look at and great to read. So go and treat yourself for your loved ones!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!


Source: Aesp’s illustrated Fables. Barnes & Noble Inc. 2014

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