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1913 – or as the german author, journalist, art merchant and historian calls it ,,the summer of a century” was a year, where the long 19th century and the short 20th century collided. It was a time shaped by extremes. Shaped by fear and war, but also by enormous literary and artistic creations.

While reading, one may notice that the author Florian Illies is a connoisseur, when it comes up to literature and art. Many of the excerpts he gives about the year 1913, are especially about the literary and artistically landscape in Germany.

The book is divided into the months of the year 1913 and filled with stories all about Rainer Maria Rilke, Picasso, Marie von Thurn und Taxis, Freud and the Mona Lisa.

This book is not a novel. It is supposed to be non-fiction, but at some parts it feels like some kind of soap opera. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships and heart breaks, which are well known, even by some of the most popular writers and thinkers of the last century.

Florian Illies humor and style of writing makes this book easy to read and you really do not want to give it out of hand.

It is one of those books, I would recommend to basically everyone. Even if you are not interested in history or the great writers and painters of the last century, I could guarantee, that you will love it and that you will laugh a lot!

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Source: Illies, Florian. (2016).  1913.  Der Sommer des Jahrhunderts. Fischer TaschenBibliothek.

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