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How did Bilbo get the ring? And how did he even know the elven?

These and many more questions were answered in Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, which is something like a background story for “The Lord of the Rings”, but not quite. Because it has not that much to do with the trilogy. It has its very own story, that has not that much to do with Sauron or saving middle earth.
It is about Bilbo Baggins who is going on an adventure to save the lonely mountain. My all time favorite Martin Freeman as Bilbo, together with stunning Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf (the Grey) and many many dwarfs he is on his way to gain back the lonely mountain from Smaug, the dragon and give it back to the true-born king of the dwarfs, Thorin.

On their way they are strolling through misty forests, meet elves and fight against orcs and giant spiders.
And even though I did not like the hobbit movie a lot (even though it was directed by Peter Jackson), I loved the book the more and in combination with “The Lord of the Rings” it is my absolute favorite book. Even compared to “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling it is without competition.

There is something about the languages he invented and the world he created, that never fail to fascinate me and I could re-watch and re-read them over and over and over again.

What do you think of Tolkiens work? Are you a fan too or do you get bored by magic creatures and knights?

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!


Source: Tolkien, J.R.R. (1937). The Hobbit. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  2014


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