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Hello and Welcome over here!
I am glad you are back, because this book is one of my favourites and it is a matter of my heart to tell you about this one: „Big Five for Life“ by John Strelecky.
I am sure that many people nowadays feel – even at a young age – a whole lot of pressure resting on their shoulders. The last few months, I felt quite insecure about everything, university and especially myself. But this book, was like a little hint, a little push that I needed.
This may sound like the typical bla bla bla about books that deal with personal development. But I can asure you, that it is definately not one of „those“ books. The thing I liked most about it – besides the fact, that I loved the story he embedded his message in – is, what he is telling us through the story and the impact, it has had on my own thoughts.
It is the story about 2 businessmen who develop a heartwarming friendship and who find their own way, to be completely happy with their job and family and with themselve. Just like one of his protagonists, Strelecky took his time to travel the world for about one year and that’s where his story begins. Joe (his protagonist) was travelling through spain when he got a call, that his best friend and the man who introduced him to the concept of the Big Five for Life (a concept, which was developed by Strelecky).
And this concept is what Strelecky thinks is one way to find your own way to a happier, to a fullfilled life.
Maybe some of you have already heard about the Big Five for Life and even Streleck’s concept. And maybe some of you might have even read the book.
I would really really like to know about your experiences with books, podcasts, or other events that deal with personal development, because this is something, that I am really interested in at the moment and I would like to hear your recommendations!
Last but not least: Thank you very much for reading and I hope, that some of you might be interested in this book now (Strelecky also wrote several other books, maybe you have any you can recommend!)
Thank you for reading and until next time at the things we read!
Source: Strelecky, John.(2009). Big Five for Life.  dtv Verlagsgesellschaft


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