Maja Lunde – The History of Bees

Maja Lunde - The History of Bees.
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Maja Lundes great novel ,,The History of Bees” was published in 2017, The Norwegian author gave us one of the best books and the best selling book in German in 2017.

It is a story that is dealing with one of the bigger problems our generation has to face these days. Three stories, intertwined because of the bees. Those three stories take place in different times and different countries. The earliest story is the one of William and his family who lives in the 19th century Great Britain. While he is facing a melancholic stare, the only thing that keeps him alive are bees and building better hives.
The second story takes place in 2007. It is about the beekeeper George and his difficult relationship to his son. While one of the problems he has to face his son, far away at college, not being interested in what his father has achieved, but wanting to fulfill his own dreams, he also has to deal with CCD, the dying of the bees.
Last but not least, there is Tao. A woman, living in the year 2098 in China. in Taos world, there are no bees anymore. Each and every blossom has to be pollinated by hand and food is a luxury that is hard to afford. When Taos son war hurt while playing outside, nobody knew what happened to him. Tao tries to find her son, who was send away to Peking. On her way to find him, she discovers mysterious information about what could have happened to her son and to the bees.

Usually, I am not really impressed by those stickers saying ,,Bestseller”. But this time the label was definitely justified!

I often criticize the characters in books. Because I really do not like it, when each and every character is perfect. In my opinion, characters are supposed to have flaws. And Maja Lundes protagonists have a lot. But just because of that, you can feel compassion. They seem to be real persons, who are trying their best and are trying to make the best out of their situations. I just love it
It is one of the best books I have read this year and one of those books, that everyone could like. If this year is going on with books as good as this one, maybe this will be the best book year so far.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!


Source: Lunde, Maja.(2017). Die Geschichte der Bienen. btb

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