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I guess that most of you guys have already heard of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and that may be because it came out on amazon [be aware, this is an unpaid ad] as a show which got pretty popular.
Well I didn’t even knew it was on amazon until I read the book , which has been on my tbr list for ever (not for ever, but you know what I mean).
So I finally got to read this gem and I wasn’t let down – even though I always have really high expectations on dystopian novels!

But what is the book about?

After a nuclear disastrous catastrophy , there aren’t many people left who are fertile. This is why the society is split into different groups like the commanders, wifes, unwomen and handmaids. Our protagonist (her “new” name is Offred) is one of those maids. Her only reason to be is giving birth, because the maids are the only one who are likely to be fertile anymore.

But their life is determined by sacrifice and control.
The maids have to eat what they get served and they aren’t allowed to have any self-determination about their bodies. They have to hide their personality as well, under thick red robes and white hats, so nobody can see their faces.
Offred tells us things about her past; about the way things changed rapidly and about how she lost her husband and daughter and hand’t seen them since everything changed.

Things start to get really interesting the moment the commander wants her to visit him in his room to play scrabble (in secret, for sure) at night. At that moment, everything takes in another direction and things get dangerous.

But that should be it, because I really don’t want to spoil all the exciting parts of the story. Just let me tell you that I was deeply surprised by the end of the story and I loved it!

So go ahead and grab your copy of “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and tell me if you liked it as much as I did!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!

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