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Three be the Things I shall have till I die: Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye.” – Dorothy Parker
This book is a biography. But it is not just any biography. It’s the biography of Dorothy Parker, the queen of New York, written by Michaela Karl. She ruled the literary world of New York together with her round table at the Algonquin Hotel. She was known for her sarcasm and sharp critics, why did cost her some jobs, but also was part of her fame.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find an english version of the book. Translated it must be something like „One more martini and I’ll be under the host“. It’s a quote Dorothy Parker should have said at a party, when someone asked her, if she had fun. Answers like that should have alsways been expected by Mrs. Parker and no one was safe.
Michaela Karl pictures Dorothy Parker through all episodes of her life and introduces us to a woman, who had so many facettes, a strong woman with a voice, many were afraid of, but also broken inside and alone.
The biography of Dorothy Parker is not the only biography that she wrote about strong independant woman, with curious, interesting, entertaining and complicated lives, like Zelda Fitzgerald and Bonny (from Bonny and Clyde).
I really hope, that there is an english version, that is as good as this one is. If you can find one, please leave a comment down below! If you have got any tipps about that or other biographies that you enjoyed reading and would like to share, please do so! You can leave a comment down here or just send me an e-mail.
Thank you so much for reading with me and see you next time!


Karl,  Michaela.(2015). >>Noch ein Martini und ich lieg unterm Gastgeber<<.Dorothy Parker. Eine Biographie.  btb Verlag

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