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I just love him. Rilke is definitely one of my absolute favorite German poets. You sometimes get to find poems that will never ever leave your head and heart. And two of Rilke’s poems have had that on me. The poems I am talking about are ,,The Panther” and ,,The Carousel”. Those may be some of his most known works and that is justified. Especially the latter is one of my absolute favorites.

Rilke’s style of writing has often changed through the years. It went from art nouveau to impressionism. But best known should be his object or thing poems – like ,,The Carousel”. One thing that is just as present in his poems as detailed and lovely descriptions of objects, are women. Rilke was well known for his amorous relationships and many of his poems are about love.

I don’t want to tell you too much about Rilke and his poems. It should be best, if you just grabbed a copy of his collected works and wandered through his poems on your own.

Even though I am not a big fan of translations when it comes to poems, the version you can find at the Cambridge University Press site is, in my opinion, really good.

Have you already heard something about Rainer Maria Rilke? Do you have a favorite poem by him or is there any other German poet who touched your heart?
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Source: Rilke, R. M. . Die Gedichte. Insel Verlag. 2006

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