Rupi Kaur – the sun and her flowers

Rupi Kaur - the sun and her flowers.

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In this post, I want to introduce to you Rupi Kaur’s second piece of art ‘‘the sun and her flowers“ which was first published in 2017, only 2 years after her debut “milk and honey (if you want to read something about this one, just klick on the link).

Just like beforehands, she made it to send hope out to everyone reading her books. In those five chapters (wilting, falling, rooting, rising, blooming), which are named after the cycle flowers have to go through in one of her poems (if you want to hear this poem and the one her book is named after, you can have a short glimpse at my podcast).

She is talking about heavy emotions. Some of them are as smooth as honey and some of them are not easy to swallow. She opens up about grief, self-abandonment, honouring one’s roots, love and self-empowerment.

I don’t want to hide the beauty of her poems from you, so here is one of my absolute favourites, that goes along with the title of her book

what is it with you and sunflowers he asks
I point to the field of yellow outside
Sunflowers worship the sun i tell him
Only when it arrives do they rise
When the sun leaves
The bow their heads in mourning
That is what the sun does to those flowers
It’s that you do to me

Rupi Kaur is an extraordinary woman who is not afraid to talk about things, that many of us have already thought or felt, but never felt like speaking them out loud. And she is talking about things that most of us have never experienced and maybe could not even imagine in their wildest or most disturbing dreams. She moves my mind.

Last but not least, there is her closing word. She gives us hope. Hope not to give up and to get through whatever may come at us next.

If you want to listen to some other of my personal favourites from her book, you can have a short glimpse into my podcast. Otherwise, you can also visit her Instagram-page (@rupikaur), where she also publishes some of her writings and drawings.

Please let me know what you think about ‘‘the sun and her flowers“ and about your favourite poems (they don’t have to be necessarily by Rupi Kaur, I’m excited to read about your suggestions.

Just leave a comment down here or send me an e-mail!

Thank you so much for reading this and joining my path at the things we read.


Source: Kaur, Rupi. (2017). the sun and her flowers. Simon&Schuster

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