Stefan Bollmann – Women who read are dangerous

Stefan Bollmann - woman who read are dangerous.
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This is a book my grandma gifted me. I already saw it once at a book shop but did not buy it – I do not know why because I thought about it many times. It is just a tiny little 120 page long book, but it is worth every minute spend with it.

Bollmann shows different paintings of women reading and the different images they got through that in a time, when women were not supposed to read. Women were not supposed to read because the fiction (which still seems to be the preferred genre) got them out of their households, even if it was only in their minds. Just like 300 years before our existence, non-fiction is still a male domain, and novels are preferred by females. But imagine what it would be like If we still were not allowed to wander through the shelves of a library, signed with cryptic letters, could not walk through the halls of our favorite book shops and get home with arms full of treasures.

Luckily, time changes.
But this book still is a great glimpse back into the past and shows us how lucky we are now.

A book I would like to recommend to every bookworm out there.
What is your absolute favorite book and why? Tell me in the comments down below!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!


Source: Bollmann, Stefan. (2014). Frauen, die lesen, sind gefährlich und klug. Insel Verlag

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