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Stephen King - the outsider.
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The case seemed to be absolutely clear. It must have been Terry Maitland, short Coach T.
The evidence was clear. There was some DNA and multiple eye witnesses have testified that they have seen Coach T, covered in blood right where the dead abused boy was found.
But right after Coach Ts arrest, some evidences come up, that seem to eliminate all the things the police has founded on Ts arrest on.

But how is this even possible? I mean, there have been eye witnesses and DNA. As always, the king of horror does what he is best at: building up tension and creating dark places. He always surprises me by how well he is able to describe such a variety of feelings and different situations.

Neuere a disappointment, always a surprise. Stephen King never fails to catch me with his stories. A must-read for every Stephen King fan!

Have you already read “The Outsider”? What did you think about it and do you have any favorite King books? Let me know in the comments down below.

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King, Stephen.(2018). The Outsider.  Simon and Schuster

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