Tracey Chevalier – Girl with a pearl earring

Tracy Chevalier - Girl with a pearl earring.


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This book is a recommendation for all those, who love paintings and historic novels. The book I want to introduce to you, is „Girl with a pearl earring“ by Tracy Chevalier, which was first published in 1999. Even though nobody knows about who the girl in Johann Vermeers well known painting is in real life, Chevalier pictured a fictive background story of the origin of this painting.
The story starts in the City of Delft in the Netherlands in 1664. The young girl Griet was send to Johann Vermeers family to do their housekeeping. For that, she is doing the cleaning, the cooking and has to run an errand. Through her visits at home and her describing the Vermeers, we get some insights of the different lifestyles and worlds of netherlandish upper and lower class in the 17. century. Chevalier has a talent for picturing small details, so that we get a real intense impression on the persons that Griet is surrounded with and the paintings. When Griet an the artist Vermeer become close, because she is the only one who is allowed to clean his studio and he soon begins to draw her. In Chevaliers imagination, this is the story behind the painting „Girl with a pearl earring“.
It is a great story that you want to believe is true and which makes you have a special look at his paintings, because you feel like, you know the persons behind the painting.
I hope that may have caught your attention and that some of you may want to read this great story now!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time at the things we read!


Source: Chevalier, Tracy.(2016).  Das Mädchen mit dem Perlenohrring. Ullstein  Buchverlage GmbH


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